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Information About Mollusks

  • Bivalvia 101
  • CLEMAM Site
  • Selected Sources of Information on Mollusks
  • Man and Mollusc
  • Molluscan Pictures
  • Mollusca Evolution Listserver
  • Tree of Life-- Mollusca
  • The Pecten Resource Website
  • Freshwater Gastropods of North America
Research Sites
  • MUSSEL Project
  • PEET Bivalve Site
  • Checklist of the Recent Mollusca Described from the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Land Snails of Pennsylvania
  • Bivalve Tree of Life (BivAToL)

On-Line Mollusk Related Databases

  • Malacological Journals and Newsletters Online Database by Bieler & Kabat
  • Simpson-Haas Index by Graf & Cummings
  • Freshwater Mollusk Bibliography by Cummings et al.
  • Western Atlantic Gastropod Database (Malacolog) by Rosenberg
  • A Biotic Database of Indo-Pacific Marine Mollusks
  • Conus Biodiversity by Alan Kohn


  • Academy of Natural Sciences
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
  • Bell Museum of Natural History
  • Bishop Museum
  • California Academy of Science
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Delaware Museum of Natural History
  • Field Museum of Natural History
  • Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Illinois Natural History Survey
  • L.A. County Museum of Natural History

  • Museum of Comparative Zoology
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Ohio State Museum of Biological Diversity
  • Paleontological Research Institution
  • University of Colorado Museum
  • University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
Mollusk-Related Societies and Organizations
  • Cephalopod International Advisory Council Website and Listserver (FASTMOL)
  • Shell Clubs and Organizations
  • Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society
  • Jacksonville Shell Club
  • Western Society of Malacologists
  • Russian Far East Malacological Society
  • Association Française de Conchyliologie
  • Spanish Malacological Society
  • Sociedad Malacológica del Uruguay

Other Zoological Societies

  • American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists
  • American Society of Mammalogists
  • American Ornithologists Union


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