AMS Auction Deadline to send your item to Antwerp is May 30th! Please be generous and dig deep. Click here for details
Submitted by Paula M. Mikkelsen

Eye Symposium Student Travel Competition for the World Congress in Antwerp, Belgium. Click here for application
Deadline to apply:
20 April 2007. Further details here. Submitted by: Jeanne M. Serb

72nd Annual Meeting Auction

AMS Auction in Antwerp 

During our annual meeting (this year at the World Congress of Malacology in Antwerp, Belgium), we will, as usual, host the AMS Auction of molluscan books and paraphernalia (no specimens) for all Congress participants.  This event raises the necessary funds for our student programs, and provides a fun-filled evening for all involved, even if you don’t buy a thing!  Paul Callomon will return as our auctioneer – this is something you don’t want to miss!  Because we are meeting overseas, transporting books and other items for the auction presents us with a challenge.  For this reason, I am asking each attending member to bring or send at least one item for the auction.  Please dig deeply and generously – surely everyone has an unneeded book or something malacologically silly to contribute! – and please notify me about your item beforehand so that we can plan appropriately. An approximate value of your item would help us tremendously as well. Your participation in this entertaining and worthwhile event will be heartily appreciated and will help AMS present its best face to the world! 

If you wish to send your item to Antwerp, please do so no later than May 30, clearly mark the parcel “Hold for AMS Auction,” and send to:

          Dr. Kurt Jordaens
          University of Antwerp
          Evolutionary Biology Group
          Groenenborgerlaan 171
          B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium

          tel.: +32 (0)3 265.34.56
          fax: +32 (0)3 265.34.74 

    As of this date (5/8/07), we have the following contributions:


        “World Seashells of Rarity and Beauty” (2 copies)

        “Okamoto’s Collected Works of Habe”

        “Freshwater Mussels of Tennessee,” by Parmalee & Bogan (2 copies)

        “Mollusca from the Miocene and Late Pliocene of Virginia and North Carolina,” vols 1-2, by Gardner

        “Shells: Jewels from the Sea,” by Harasewych & Alcosser (autographed copy)

        “Seashells of Russia in Color,” by Bogdanov & Sirenko

        “Bivalvia – A Look at the Branches,” edited by Bieler, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 148

        “Seashells of Southern Florida – Bivalves,” by Mikkelsen & Bieler (pre-publication offer)

        “American Seashells, 2nd ed.,” by Abbott

        “Bivalve Seashells of Florida” (2007), by Hartmann

        “Workbook and key to the freshwater bivalves of North Carolina” (2002), by Bogan

        “Workbook and key to the freshwater bivalves of South Carolina,” by Bogan

        “Pearls – A Natural History,” by Landman, et al. (2 autographed copies)

        “Conchologica Iconica – Conus,” by Reeve (facsimile copy in 2 ring-binders with plastic sleeves)

        "Systematic Revision and Suprageneric Classification of Trochacean Gastropods" (1990), by Hickman & McLean

        "Living Terebras of the World" (1987), by Bratcher & Cernohorsky

        "Handbook of Systematic Malacology, English translation of Thiele's Handbuch", 3 vols.

        7 USGS Prof Papers on ammonites (1960-1981) by various authors

        13 USGS Prof Papers on fossil mollusks (1938-1975) by various authors

        Dominican Republic fossil monographs: 7 issues on mollusks from Bulls. Amer. Paleontology

        2 issues "Palaeontographica Americana: Cretaceous Trochaceans" (Sohl, 1998), "Cenozoic Turritellidae", (Allmon, 1996)

        "Famous American Paleontologists: Conrad (Wheeler, 1935, reprint 1977) and Harris (Brice, 1996)"

        "Genera of the Bivalvia", by Vokes (1980)

        "Pleiocene Fossils of South-Carolina", by Tuomey & Holmes (1857, reprint 1974)

        "Bivalve Studies in the Florida Keys, Malacologia", by Bieler & Mikkelsen (2004)

        "Pseudoceratites of the Cretaceous [ammonites]", US Geol Survey publ], Hyatt (1903)

        "Ammonites of Alaska: 5 USGS Prof. Papers (1960-1982)", all by R. W. Imlay

        "Texas Cretaceous Ammonites and Nautiloids", by Emerson et al. (1994)

        "The Jurassic ammonite zones of the Soviet Union", by Krymholts et al. (1988)

        "The Ammonoidea of the Plenus Marls and the Middle Chalk", by Wright & Kennedy (1981)

        "Living Volutes", by Weaver & DuPont (1970)

        "Mitridae of the World", by Cernohorsky, including IPM 3(17) (1976) and MMM no. 4 (1992)

        Ward (1992), Molluscan Biostratigraphy of the Miocene, Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain of North America

        Hubricht (1985), The distribution of the native land mollusks of the eastern United States

        Solem (1976), New molluscan taxa and scientific writings of Fritz Haas

        Morton et al. (1998), Coastal Ecology of the Azores

        Martins (2004), The Princess' Ring

        Jansen (2000), Seashells of South-East Australia

        Other items

        Abbott (1969), Pronouncing the Scientific Names of Seashells (LP)

        1997 Shell Desk Diary (new)

        2 numbered and signed art prints, by Jas. Atkinson, The Aesthetic Mollusc

        various shell art note cards, by Jas. Atkinson The Aesthetic Mollusc

        1985 US Seashells stamps First Day Cover plus lapel pin

        porcelain box with shell motif)

        8 original lithographs of freshwater mussels by Isaac Lea and others (3 sets)

        freshwater pearl necklace

        landsnail etching by Marla Coppolino (malacological artist, grad student, and AMS/UM member)

        selection of rare colored freshwater pearls for jewelry

        snail-themed necktie 

        ceramic snails

        2 mollusk art prints by Marla Coppolino

        Darwin bobble-head

        ceramic tea-light snail

        stained glass snail (light-catcher)

    This list will be updated periodically from now until July. 
    Thank you for helping to make this year’s meeting a success! 

    Paula Mikkelsen
    AMS President

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