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Tuesday, June 28th

A unique deep water molluscan ecosystem from the northwestern slope of the Great Bahama Bank - William C. Aley IV
Results of the giant pacific octopus census in Puget Sound, 2000-2005 - Rolan Anderson
A Rediscription of Facelina stearnsi Cockerell, 1901 (Nudibranchia: Aeolidacea: Facelinidae) with a reassignment of its generic placement - Jamie M. Chan & Terrence M. Gosliner
A Preliminary Study of the Biology of Veronicella sloanei (Cuvier 1817) in Barbados - Nickelia Clarke & H. Angela Fields
A survey of aquatic and terrestrial gastropods in Kansas: the Nature Conservancy’s Welda Prairie and the Fitch Natural History Reservation - Elizabeth C. Davis
Explaining generic endemism in the Pacific Coast Tertiary Molluscan faunas - David Haasl, Jann E. Vendetti1, & Carole S. Hickman
Biodiversity of Marine Molluscs of the Gulf of Mexico - Fabio Moretzsohn a& John W. Tunnell, Jr.
The relationship between body size, growth, and egg production in the hermaphroditic freshwater snail, Helisoma trivolvis - Cynthia G. Norton & Jennifer M. Bronson
Phylogeography of banana slugs (Ariolimax spp.) (Gastropoda; Stylommatophora: Arionidae) - Pearse, J.S., Breugelmans, K., Backeljau, T., Leonard, J.L.
Determinate growth and variable size at maturity in the marine gastropod Amphissa columbiana (Columbellidae) - Bruno Pernet
A preliminary review of California fossil Austrotrophon and Forreria (Gastropoda: Muricidae: Ocenebrinae) - Charles L. Powell, II
Temporal Community Structure and Biodiversity of Malacofauna from an Urban New Jersey Pond - Robert S. Prezant & Eric J. Chapman
Steps towards a revision of Hemphillia jumping-slugs - Heike Reise1 & John M.C. Hutchinson
A cheklist of gastropods and bivalves from the coast of Chiapas and Oaxaca, México - Eduardo Ríos-Jara, Ceciel Navarro-Caravantes, Martín Pérez Peña, Ernesto López Uriarte and Ildefonso Enciso Padilla
Comparative phylogeography of chitons and limpets in southern California - Albert Rodriguez, Ryan P. Kelly, & Douglas J. Eernisse
Flat Oysters Show Evidence for Allopatric Speciation, Ecological Transition and Introgression among Developmentally Heterogeneous Taxa - Meghan H. Shilts
Stable Isotope Growth Profiles of Recent and Cenozoic Mollusks - Josiah Strauss & Anton Oleinik
Differential expression of vetigastropod hemocyanin - Klaus Streit & Bernhard Lieb
Biomineralization in the radula of the aplacophoran mollusk Helicoradomenia (Solenogastres) - Christiane Todt
Impacts if urbanization on the biodiversity of the imperiled snail fauna (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Pleuroceridae) of the Cahaba River, Alabama, USA - Lori Tolley-Jordan
Texas Seashells- A New Illustrated Guide - J.W. Tunnell, Jr., N.C. Barrera, R. Davenport, D. Hicks, & J. Andrews
Morphology and Function of Invertebrate Hemocytes: Physiological Effects of Stress in Aplysia californica - Heather R. Wilkinson
The genus Thyasira Leach, 1817 in the Magellan Region and adjacent Antarctic waters (Lucinoidea: Thyasiridae) - Diego G. Zelaya

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