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General Session: Development and Physiology - TBA

Wednesday, June 29th

8:30 AMPondering the Purpose of Precarious Postures: The Effect of Littorine Snail Shell Orientation on Body Temperature - Luke P. Miller
8:50 AMIdentification of host specific genes in a sepiolid squid/Vibrio mutualism - Michele K. Nishiguchi
9:10 AMEvolution of anatomy and morphology in miniaturized marine snails (Neogastropoda: Columbellidae) - Marta J. deMaintenon
9:30 AMUnderstanding the evolution and development of pallial eyes in the Pectinidae - Jeanne M. Serb
9:50 AMDo More Tissues Automatically Equate to a Heavier Breather? - Claire-Louise Martin

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