71st Annual Meeting

American Malacological Society

38th Annual Meeting

Western Society of Malacologists

June 26-30 2005

Asilomar Conference Grounds

General Session: Phylogeny and Systematics - TBA

Monday, June 27th

1:20 PMExamination of lineage diversity and isolation of Oreohelix strigosa cooperi, Black Hills, South Dakota - Kathleen Weaver, Tamara Anderson, and Robert Guralnick
1:40 PMWhat can "Stems, Loops and Lollipops" tell us about Basommatophora - Wallace Holznagel
2:00 PMNew morphological data for Pleuroceridae (Gastropoda, Cerithioidea): implications for monophyly and affinity of the family - Ellen E. Strong
2:20 PMTaxonomic distribution and phylogenetic utility of gender-associated mitochondrial genomes in the Unionoida (Bivalvia) - Jennifer M. Walker, Jason P. Curole, Arthur E. Bogan, G. Thomas Watters and Walter R. Hoeh
2:40 PMSystematics and phylogenetics of the family Streptacididae (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) from Devonian through Triassic marine strata - Matthew R. Campbell
3:00 PMUsing nested clade analyses for determining species boundaries in three Indo-west Pacific Euprymna species and their luminescent symbionts - Michele K. Nishiguchi
3:20 PMBreak
3:40 PMPhylogenetics of the Genus Isognomon (Bivalvia: Pterioidea): Initial findings and Cross-Isthmus invasions - John A. Wilk
4:00 PMHemocyanin and molluscan phylogeny: "Outcomes, restrictions and perspectives" - Bernhard Lieb and Jürgen Markl
4:20 PMA combined analysis of the phylogeny of Cephalopoda - Annie Lindgren and Frank Anderson
4:40 PMMexican Holospirinae in review (Gastropoda: Urocoptidae) - Elizabeth L. Mihalcik
5:00 PMSystematics and Phylogeny of Babakina (Nudibranchia: Aeolidoidea) - Terrence M. Gosliner, Manuel M. Gonzalez-Duarte and Juan Lucas Cervera
5:20 PMMolecular systematics of problematic unionids - David C. Campbell

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