71st Annual Meeting

American Malacological Society

38th Annual Meeting

Western Society of Malacologists

June 26-30 2005


Lodging is available both on the Asilomar Conference Grounds (ACG), as well as numerous offsite facilities. ACG rates are for full conference attendance only, and include meals. For those staying offsite, it is possible however to purchase meals at ACG. Please see below for details.

Asilomar Conference Grounds Housing

The conference center will be coordinating housing for those choosing to stay at thecenter. Housing costs are for the full-length of the conference (3:00 pm June 26 - noonJune 30). There are no discounts for shorter stays, but if you wish to arrive early orstay after the conference, you can call the conference center or ask them to call you,indicating your needs on your application form, and make arrangements (this will allowthem to keep you in the same room). Rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-servedbasis; if you are late and there is no room at the center, they will provide you with phonenumbers for local hotels and place your name on a wait list if space does becomeavailable. They are happy to call attendees if situations arise that need to beaddressed. You can choose a single room, a double or triple. You can choose your roommates, orthe center will assign roommates as requested. The costs for rooms (4 nights) and allmeals (Dinner June 26 - Lunch June 30) will be: Standard Single: $696.60, StandardDouble: $426.84 each, Standard Triple: $341.56 each, Youth (ages 3-17): $247 each.Download the ACG housing form here: MS Word or pdf versions.

Alternative housing in Pacific Grove. Also, please check sites such as Hotels.com or Orbitz for other great deals!


The costs of housing at the center include your room plus three meals a day (Dinner onthe 26th through Lunch on the 30th) as well as a portion of our meeting room costs. Therefore, if you choose to stay off site, you will have to pay a Center requiredadditional fee (~$8.50 per day of attendance) as part of your registration. If you stay offsite you can eat meals with the rest of the conference attendees by purchasing mealvouchers at the front desk (Breakfast $7.35, Lunch $9.92, Dinner $15.98, children 3-12at a reduced rate - full rate schedule will follow). Special meals are available. TheDining hall always has a vegetarian option. If you have special dietary needs you cancall ahead and meet with the Chef upon arrival to make sure your needs are met. Boxed lunches can be provided, they just need advanced warning.

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