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General Session: Life History I & II - TBA

Wednesday, June 29th

10:30 AMCrossing the Pond: Dorid nudibranch strategies for transatlantic dispersal - Ángel Valdés and Alvin Alejandrino
10:50 AMA PCR-based Method for Identifying Individual Larvae of Molluscs - Demian A. Willette and Patrick J. Krug
11:10 AMAmetamorphic direct development in a new species of Dendrodoris (Nudibranchia: Dendrodorididae) from the northeast Pacific Ocean, with a review of developmental mode in the family - Jeffrey H. R. Goddard
11:30 AMQuantitative and qualitative variation of the protein content of the embryos of Crepidula navicula (Caenogastropoda, Calyptraeidae) during intracapsular development - Patricia Miloslavich and Elizabeth Huck
11:50 AMEvolution of Poecilogony from Planktotrophy: Speciation in the Sea Slug Genus Alderia - Ryan A. Ellingson and Patrick J. Krug
12:10 PMLunch
1:20 PMSexual Conflict and the Rise of Alternative Reproductive Tactics in the Banana Slug, Ariolimax dolichophallus - Brooke L.W. Miller
1:40 PMGenetic Structure of Biomphalaria glabrata populations sampled from a schistosomiasis endemic region - A.R. Wethington, M.K. Smith, G. Oliveira, F. Lewis and D.J. Minchella
2:00 PMEmpirical Estimates of Reproductive Isolation Among the Freshwater Pulmonate Snails Physa acuta, P. pomilia, and P. hendersoni - Robert T. Dillon, Jr., John D. Robinson and Amy R. Wethington

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