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Symposium: Pacific Island Land Snail Diversity: Origins and Conservation - Diarmaid O'Foighil

Wednesday, June 29th

10:30 AMGeologic and Evolutionary Context of Land Snail Diversity on Oceanic Islands - Carole S. Hickman
10:50 AMEvolutionary Patterns in Pacific Amber Snails (Succineidae): the Relative Roles of Vicariance and Dispersal in Diversification and Island Biogeography - Brenden S. Holland and Robert H. Cowie
11:10 AMProgress in the conservation of Hawaiian achatinelline snails - Michael G. Hadfield
11:30 AMPartula: the birth and death of species - Bryan Clarke and James Murray
11:50 AMHistorical Phylogeny of Tahitian Partula - Younghun Jung, Taehwan Lee, John B. Burch and Diarmaid Ó Foighil
12:10 PMLunch
1:20 PMPartulids on Tahiti: an interesting distribution among surviving populations - Trevor Coote and Walter Teamotuaitau
1:40 PMA Summary of the International Partulid Conservation Programme and its Significance for Other Group-level Managed Species - Paul Pearce-Kelly
2:00 PMEndemism, introduced species and conservation in the Austral Islands (French Polynesia) - Benoît Fontaine and Olivier Gargominy
2:20 PMEvolution of the Palau Diplommatinids and Conservation of the Land Snails of Palau and the Southwest Islands - Rebecca J. Rundell
2:40 PMDiversity of Terrestrial Snails on the Three Largest Islands in the Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea - John Slapcinsky
3:00 PMDiscussion

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