71st Annual Meeting

American Malacological Society

38th Annual Meeting

Western Society of Malacologists

June 26-30 2005

Asilomar Conference Grounds

Symposium: From Development to Extinction: Molluscan Neontology and Paleontology - Laurie Anderson & Audrey Aronowsky

Tuesday, June 28th

Chapel Room

8:20 AMIntroduction to the Symposium
8:30 AMElemental Fingerprinting to Determine Larval Dispersal - an example using mytilid mussels - Pat A. McMillan, L. A. Levin, B. J. Becker, F. J. Fodrie, L. Rasmussen
8:50 AMYou Can Teach Old Clams New Tricks: Reconstructing Patterns and Timing of Growth; Methods and Applications - David H. Goodwin
9:10 AMThe Evolution of Exoskeleton Nucleation in Shelled Fossils and Recent Molluscs - Amálie H. Scheltema
9:30 AMDevelopmental and phenotypic integration in bivalves: Adaptation and evolution of the Neogene venerid genus Chione - Peter D. Roopnarine, Kenneth Angielczyk, Viviane Callier and Laurie C. Anderson
9:50 AMPhenotypic Plasticity In Molluscs - Dianna K. Padilla
10:10 AMBreak
10:30 AMDetecting and interpreting morphologic constraint in the fossil record - Laurie C. Anderson, Audrey Aronowsky, and Peter D. Roopnarine
10:50 AMLarval settlement in response to soluble cues from the benthos - Michael G. Hadfield and Mimi A. R. Koehl
11:10 AMMonospecific fossil assemblages: distinguishing between accumulation and aggregation using phylogeny and paleobiology - Audrey Aronowsky and Laurie C. Anderson
11:30 AMLarval Dispersal and Modes of Speciation: Hypothesis Testing in Littorina - Paul Hohenlohe
11:50 AMMolecular Insights into Biogeographic Patterns of Speciation in Marine Molluscs - Rachel Collin
12:10 PMLunch
1:20 PMInducible Defense in a Marine Snail: Cue Sensitivity and the Scaling of Trade-offs - Geoffrey C. Trussell
1:40 PMPredator-Prey Dynamics of Late Paleozoic Ecosystems: A Case-Study on the Role of Molluscs - Lindsey R. Leighton and Jennifer A. Sawyer
2:00 PMDetection of alternative stable states in extant communities: the need for a historical perspective - Peter S. Petraitis
2:20 PMDetecting stability and change in fossil communities: the need for temporal- and scale-dependent perspectives - Carol M. Tang
2:40 PMExtinction and the life history of unionid bivalves - Chris Barnhart
3:00 PMExtinction and the evolutionary history of Late Cretaceous and early Cenozoic veneroid bivalves - Rowan Lockwood
3:20 PMBreak
3:40 PMInterpreting life's history through the lens of the present: Accounting for variability in biogeographic inference - Christopher P. Meyer
4:00 PMMissing pieces in the speciation puzzle: An example of the palaeontogical imperative in interpreting biogeographic patterns in a Neotropical marine gastropod radiation - Jonathan A. Todd
4:20 PMDiscussion

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