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General Session: Biological Invasions - TBA

Wednesday, June 29th

8:30 AMReport on the spread of the Cuban slug Veronicella cubensis (Pfeiffer 1840) in Guam, and Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands, and the loss of molluscan biodiversity apparently resulting from introduced invasive gastropod species and the triclad flatworm Platydemus manokwari de Beauchamp 1963 - David G. Robinson and Robert G. Hollingsworth
8:50 AMFederal Efforts to Exclude Snails and Slugs Associated with Agricultural Imports - Frederick J. Zimmerman
9:10 AMPreliminary phylogenetic assessment of invasive apple snails in Asia and beyond - Kenneth A. Hayes
9:30 AMA phylogenetic study of the invasive land snail species Praticolella griseola (Gastropoda: Polygyridae) - Kathryn E. Perez
9:50 AMReport on the Current Status of Introduced Species of Achatinidae and Other Economically Snail and Slug Pests in the Eastern Caribbean - David G. Robinson and H. Angela Fields

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