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Room and board at the meeting venue.

For those staying at the meeting UMBS, you will be provided with cabin assignments when you check-in at the station.


How to get to the meeting venue.

There are several options available for getting to the meeting at the UMBS. These include driving, flying into Pellston and using a taxi or rental car service to get from the airport to the station, and flying into a larger airport with more flight options (e.g., Detroit Metropolitan (DTW), Flint (FNT) and Saginaw (MBS) airports) and renting a car to drive to the station.


á      For those traveling by car: If you are taking I-75, take Exit 322, turn left (head west) onto County Road 64 and then continue driving west for approximately three miles—the entrance to the station will be clearly marked on the right (north side of road). If you use US-31, turn east at Pellston onto County Road 64 and drive six miles to the entrance which will be on your left (north side of road).


á      The Pellston Regional Airport (PLN) serves air travel between it and Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) on SkyWest Airlines. Although direct flights from DTW to PLN can be relatively expensive (~$280), adding this leg onto a round-trip flight from some locations can be reasonably affordable in some cases. The airport is approximately 12 miles from the UMBS and there are several transportation options for getting from the airport to the UMBS—click here to see options for taxis, rental car agencies, etc. that serve the airport.


á      Please click here to view a map of the UMBS as well as directions within the UMBS, instructions on how to check-in, and locations of seminar rooms, cabins, the dining hall and parking.


What to bring.

If you are staying onsite and didnŐt request to be provided with bedding and towels, please remember to bring these items with you. Because itŐll be late summer, the weather for the dates of the meeting is difficult to predict and so plan accordingly clothes-wise; check out forecasts for Pellston, Michigan if you have faith in meteorologists. Swimming is allowed in the lake and is an option for one of the field trips and so a swimming suit may be worth bringing. If youŐre bringing food, please keep it in a vehicle.


Additional info can be gleaned from the UMBSŐs Guide to Living at the Station website which can be accessed by clicking here.


When to arrive/depart.

We recommend arriving at the station in the afternoon or evening of Friday, August 28 to partake in the Welcome Reception and departing either in the afternoon/evening of Monday, August 31 or morning of September 1. AMS Council and Committee Members should plan on arriving by mid-afternoon to attend the AMS Council Meeting.


AMS 2015 Check-in Instructions.

1.    Find Gates Lecture Hall (see map by clicking here). If you are arriving on 8/27 or 8/28, you may drive directly to and park temporarily near the lecture hall. If you are arriving after 8/28, please park in one of the long-term parking areas (see map by clicking here) and walk to the lecture hall.

2.    A check-in sheet that lists cabin numbers and your conference materials (tote bag, nametag, program, etc.) will be available on a table in the lobby of the lecture hall.

3.    Find your name on the AMS 2015 Check-in sheet.

a.    Please enter your arrival date and approximate arrival time on the sheet.

b.    If you drove a personal vehicle or rental car, please provide the vehicle make, model, color, and, if you remember it, your vehicleŐs license plate number. If you are staying offsite, you only need to enter this information when you first arrive at the meeting.

c.    If you reserved room and board at the UMBS, you will find your cabin number on the check-in sheet.

4.    Nametags are festooned around tote bags and bags are arranged alphabetically (by last name). Please locate your bag and take it with you.

5.    If you ordered logo items (i.e., t-shirts and mugs), find a member of the AMS 2015 organizing committee (we will be wearing yellow AMS 2015 t-shirts) to obtain your items.

6.    If you are staying onsite, you may drive to and park temporarily near your cabins to offload your gear. Please ultimately park in one of the long-term parking areas (see map by clicking here).

7.    If you are staying offsite, please park in one of the long-term parking areas and walk to meeting events.


AMS 2015 Check-out Instructions.

1.    Please enter your departure date and approximate departure time on the check-in sheet in the lobby of the lecture hall.

2.    If you are staying onsite, cabin check-out time is 10 AM. Please make sure you have removed your items from your cabin by this time so that the housing staff can prepare the cabin for the next resident.


UMBS Guidelines and Safety Information

Additional information from the UMBS on travel routes, parking, emergency procedures, water safety, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, etc. can be accessed by clicking here.



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