Carriker Student Research Awards in Malacology 2009 Competition:
Applications due April 1

AMS 2009 meeting to be held July 19 - July 23, 2009 in Ithaca, NY (more...)

Can You Help? A request for assistance on land slug and snail book (more...)

Newly Updated! 2,400 Years of Malacology (more...)

The American Malacological Society is:

A dynamic international society of individuals and organizations with an active interest in the study and conservation of mollusks. Professional malacologists, students, and people devoted to observing, photographing, and learning about mollusks belong to AMS (formerly the American Malacological Union). The history of the organization dates back to its founding in 1931.

Continuing interests of the AMS:

  • Encouragement of students in malacology is a priority. Monetary awards for outstanding student papers and posters are presented at each annual meeting.
  • AMS recognizes the important role played by serious molluscan enthusiasts who often work with professional malacologists. They are encouraged to be active members.
  • Annual meeting activities include the book auction and reprint sales which support the AMS symposium fund.
  • The conservation of mollusks is a major concern to the AMS. The AMS policy concerning molluscan conservation prohibits the sale of shell or shell products at our meetings. Moreover, the Conservation Committee monitors environmental and legal aspects of problems relating to molluscan populations.
  • Various organizations assemble each year at the AMS annual meeting to discuss topics pertinent to malacology.
  • The American Malacological Bulletin, published twice each year, contains peer-reviewed contributed articles and symposium papers. Special Editions of the Bulletin, containing topics of exceptional interest, are published as supplements