Unitas Malacologica Student Research Award

Winners for 2004, announced at the Unitas General Assembly in Perth were:

Christine Parent

(Simon Frazer University, Canada)

Speciation on islands - the bulimulid land snails of the Galapagos).

Rebecca Rundell


Determinants of Diversity in the Palau diplommatinid land snails.

Instructions for applying for awards

Two awards, each of up to EUR1 000, are offered every year to students engaged in research projects of a malacological nature. These will generally be projects undertaken in pursuit of higher academic degrees (e.g. M.Sc. and Ph.D.). Normal budget items include supplies, expendable equipment and research-related travel. The awards cannot be used to cover salaries, institutional overheads, permanent equipment or conferences. There is no official application form. Applications must not exceed six pages and should include: 1) title of project; 2) summary of project not exceeding 150 words; 3) the body of the proposal including background information necessary to understand the project and its significance, materials and methods, and proposed plan of research; 4) itemised budget of estimated expenses; 5) literature cited; 6) a one-page

personal résumé including addresses, etc. Applications from students who are not members of UM or an affiliated organisation will be accepted, but must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by a nominator who is a member in good standing.

The next deadline for submissions is 31st May 2005. Applications should be sent, preferably as an e-mail attachment, to the secretary:

Dr Dai Herbert
Secretary: Unitas Malacologica
Natal Museum
P. Bag 9070
South Africa

E-mail: dherbert@nmsa.org.za. Tel. +27(0)33 3451404; Fax +27 (0)33 3450561.

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