The local organizing committee for AMS's 74th annual meeting, to be held in Carbondale, Illinois, USA in the summer of 2008 (dates to be determined), invites proposals for symposia and workshops. There will be opportunities for both half-day and full-day symposia. Presentations should be in multiples of 20 minutes (including time for questions) so that the timing of the symposia will be coordinated with the contributed paper sessions. Symposia should address newly emerging topics, topics of broad interest to malacologists or significant syntheses. Symposia proposals should differ from those addressed at recent AMS annual meetings.

Proposals should consist of a 1-2 page outline that includes (1) the symposium title, (2) symposium length (half-day, with 8-10 speakers, or full-day, with 16-20 speakers), (3) an explanation of why the topic is appropriate/significant for presentation at the AMS meeting, (4) a tentative list of speakers, and (5) complete contact information for the organizers.

Proposals for workshops are also invited. Workshops facilitate the presentation and application of new concepts or methods. Workshop proposals should include (1) a brief synopsis composed of the title, goal or purpose and justification of the workshop, (2) the organizational structure (including format, duration, and expected number of participants), and (3) complete contact information for the organizers. Dates and times of workshops should be structured to have minimal conflict with paper sessions (evenings, days immediately before or after the meeting, and lunches are preferred). All workshop organizers must be registered for the meeting.

All proposals must be submitted by 1 December 2006 to Frank Anderson (feander@siu.edu). The local organizing committee will complete the selection of symposia and workshops for inclusion at the 2008 meeting by 1 January 2007. Proposal authors will be notified as soon as possible so that organizers can acquire any necessary funding for their symposium.

Proposals on any topic related to mollusk biology are welcome, but the local organizing committee would especially like to see proposals addressing the following preliminary list of topics:
1. Conservation of marine, terrestrial or freshwater mollusks (especially freshwater bivalves and terrestrial gastropods)

2. Biogeography, evolutionary history and population genetics of North American freshwater or terrestrial mollusks, particularly with reference to Pleistocene glaciations (Carbondale is located near the southernmost limit of the Illinoian glaciation)

3. Molluscan evolutionary developmental biology or genomics

4. A symposium in honor of Leslie Hubricht, who passed away last September

5. Recent advances in cephalopod phylogeny and systematics

6. Applied malacology (mollusks as model organisms, molluscan fisheries, etc.)

7. Any topic that facilitates involvement of individuals who do not regularly attend AMS meetings (e.g., paleontologists, physiologists, wildlife biologists, federal and state agency personnel, etc.).
Please contact Frank Anderson ( feander@siu.edu) if you have any questions.